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When I sat trying to figure out the magic formula for getting my shit together, I realized every part of my life that I wanted to change began with one thing; good intentions, and with that, good choices.

The dictionary defines an intention as something you mean to do, whether you pull it off or not. I find this notion encouraging in that it is goal-oriented yet it leaves room for humanity and imperfection.

Among my hopes and future aims, mostly based around inner-work and mental growth, promise, one effort that has never taken a hold is the old relatable classic, "I want to lose weight and get fit".

Recently, finding myself at a low over my body image, I sat turning this one goal over in my mind relentlessly. I realized I had been doing several things wrong and my approach was all off, not simply to the aim of weight-loss but to all opportunities for positive change within myself:

1. I was thinking all over the place. Thinking about my goals, thinking about what I didn't like about my body, thinking about what I want to look like, thinking about what combination of things I needed to do to succeed, and not once doing anything.

2. I was constantly guilt-tripping myself over my past failures and tarnishing my positive aspirations with a dark cloud of pessimism.

3. I was sure that my habits of a lifetime were beyond changing and so deeply-rooted in my history, my personality and my experiences, that I was a victim of them, never to be rid of my self-limiting ways.

In the end Good Intentions was born from me thinking about something other than the end-goal and more about the here and now. If i take my life one day at a time, go into it doing small things with the intent of building positive routines, isn't that a better use of my time than guilt-trips and overthinking?

I decided that instead of viewing my life goals in all their complexity, I would prefer to live each day with good intentions; the intention to be kinder to myself and everyone around me.

Positive change would hopefully be a indirect result of living this way, I hoped and continue to hope.

On the flip-side there is the old proverb 'The road to hell is paved with good intentions', the idea that it isn't enough in this world to mean well, you have to be effective in doing well.

I agree that we can waste time ruminating, talking and even writing, as if that will take us any closer to reaching our goals, whilst we stagnate and hesitate.

But I also happen to be an atheist...and so, Hell to me is a world where we don't mean well, where we don't envision change, even if it takes us a little time to personally reach the heavenly plains of self-actualization and societal change.

At the centre of your world is you, and in the sphere surrounding you are friends, family and relationships. These connections reach out their tendrils into wider society.

We all have the potential to help the wider world when we self-actualize. Being a good friend or family member has nothing to do with being a perfect person, a person fully successful or happy in themselves, of course that's bulls***.

However when we are in a good place in our lives, behaviours and actions, its a trickle-down effect of positivity.

Like I said, good things can come from first having good intentions.

Good Intentions is a judgement-free space where self-love, self-growth and conscious-living are nurtured and encouraged, for the benefit of you, and everyone around you.

Your blogger is Hannah, who spent the last three years successfully blogging somewhere else on the internet (alongside her boyfriend at the time), whilst she travelled the world and in the process, was herself forever altered.

For example, becoming a more compassionate and less judgemental person, is something she is slowly grappling with.

Also, as a life-long ghostly red-head she successfully maintained a tan for two whole years. Like I said, life-altering.

This space reflects the way Hannah's world explorations created a clearer perspective and put her in the correct mindset to change for the better. I think we can all agree that a better society begins inside the hearts and minds of its people, but sometimes those hearts and minds are tired, distracted or set in their ways (aka me).

Changing these hearts and minds can all begin with good intentions.

Good Intentions Blog Hannah Thailand


"3 years of travel writing on another blog all about minimalist living and turning your back on the 9-5 life was such a big thing in my life.

During this stretch of time in my early-mid twenties, I travelled, I struggled and I had numerous powerful experiences which I will never forget, many of which found their way to thousands of readers. Come this year summer 2017, things are changing shape. I will find myself home again, and pretty much starting over in all areas of my life.

I am tentatively stepping onto a different path, seeking to actually to do all those things I've made excuses about for years. I want to become the person I always desired to become but was distracted away from by other people and life events.

It's a cliché but at 27, I am finally trying to get my shit together, and I expect to stumble along the way; fancy stumbling along with me?

It might be hard and confronting a process, but the time will pass anyway, so I figured I may as well try. You may as well try."

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